February 25th 2009 - New projects

The Tales of Edgar Allan PoeThe release of Heilagmanoth, after it long journey of self-production, has been positively acclaimed, as you can read in the reviews section.

Claudio Nigris and Francesca Naccarelli are now working on the next Dunwich studio album, whose recording sessions are scheduled at the beginning of 2010.

Meanwhile Dunwich will also take part in the project "The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe - a syNphonic collection" by Finnish Colossus, with the track "The Oblong Box", inspired by the tale of the great Poe..

As usual the new recordings will feature many special guests with varying musical backgrounds.

Heilagmanoth - buy the new CD!

Heilagmanoth - Cover  Heilagmanoth - Digipack

Heilagmanoth, the long awaited 4th album by Dunwich, is finally available in an amazing digipack edition containing a 16 page color booklet, with original artworks depicting the themes of the album.

You can buy the autographed cd for 12,00 Euro including worldwide shipping: click on the PayPal button and enjoy our latest release!

If you prefer your music in digital format on your iPod, you can buy the cd on iTunes for 9€

This is the detailed tracklist of the album:

  1. Aranmanoth
  2. La Casa dell'Alchimista
  3. Tales from the Ninth Wave
  4. Guardians of the Treshold
  5. Escape from Innsmouth
  6. Il Falso Principio
  7. Beowulf
  8. The Flying Fear
  9. Leaves on the Altars to the Moon
  10. Terra di Ambra Neve e Fuoco Nero
  11. La Lama il Ghiaccio e il Fuoco
  12. Heilagmanoth

The price is just €12,00 including worldwide postage through priority mail.

You can listen to some songs from Heilagmanoth on our myspace page, or you can take a sneak peek at the artworks that adorn the booklet.

If you'd like to place an order for the CD you can do it through our store or our myspace page.

The wait is finally over!

October 13th 2007

We can finally announce that the album has been completed! Soon we'll be posting short samples on our myspace page, as well as more information about the project.

Once again we'd like to thank all the people that supported and helped us in the difficult times we had to face. Self-production has been a difficult and long journey.

Our sincerest thanks go to Stefano Morabito for the care he put in the long mixing process, and last but not least special thanks to William J. Tsamis (Warlord) for his words.

August 25th 2007

As announced we'll be in the recording studio for the mixing of the record from the 30th of August. In the meanwhile we'd like to sincerely thank Giulia De Angelis for her contribution in the recording of the transverse flute parts.

Here you can find some photos from Giulia's the recording session:

Giulia De Angelis Giulia De Angelis

July 13th 2007

We've finally completed all the recording sessions, so the mixing studio has been booked for the 30th of August.

We're sorry fot the writing of this work followed such a fractured and dilated schedule. Finding people with strong motivation and technical training fot the Dunwich project has proved to be very difficult.

The musical line of this new production follows the mood of the last two releases: 10 tracks, 4 of which completely acoustic, with the dark-medieval atmospheres that define our style. The track will feature english as well as italian lyrics.

Whoever was interested in distributing this record can contact us for more information.

May 18th 2007

We'd like to sincerely thank David Giacomini, a truly excellent musician, who recorded all the guitars of the forthcoing album. His contribution helped restore the right professional atmosphere to the project.

David Giacomini David Giacomini David Giacomini

Our thanks also go to Valerio Galli, for his patience in recovering a work that seemed compromised.

Elayne, Claudio e Roberto

May 10th 2007

During the pre-mixing we decided to throw away the bass and drums sessions recorded in the previous studio sessions. Just as for the strings the sound was compromised. We've recorded a new drums and bass session, and we're finally satisfied with the results.

We're sorry for all these delays, but the errors made under our old label have caused us to be so late in our schedule. The mixing studio has been booked for the first part of June.

February 18th 2007

Thanks to the amazing skills shown by Francesca and our technician Valerio Galli we've finished recording the lead vocals, and we're very happy with the outcome. Now we're completing the recording of the backing vocals.

Unfortunately some of the material recorded in the previous sessions had some errors, also caused by bad management in our former recording studio. So we had to re-record some tracks: here are some pictures taken during the recording of the strings, directed with great professionalism by Roberto Fasciani.

Our thanks go to David Giacomini for work done on the guitars recordings.

By march we'll be in the mixing studio, so that the material for the new album should be ready by the endof march. We'll keep you updated!

November 14th 2006

The Madman seems to drift through existence following rational spurs, but under the surface he is irresponsible, reckless and passive. Instinct moves in the direction of the hearth. It may be the most uncommon, the most illogical, but it is surely the winning direction.

Following this excitement I announce that Dunwich is back in the studio, for the last recording sessions, the ones of the most representative instrument: Elayne's voice.

Claudio Nigris

October 30th 2006

After a short stop in the project, caused by disagreements about its conclusion, we've rescinded the contract we signed for Powerzone Records.

If I were to express myself through my Major Arcana, my swords would tell the tale of the devil and the hanged man, where a providential tower, followed by the 7th arcana (the chariot) and the 17th arcana (the stars) would bring fresh, creative lymph to the mother earth and the stagnant waters. The smiling, yet stern and fixed face of Astrea, greek goddess of justice, would end this story.

The project is moving with renewed hearth and strenght towards the conclusion of the album. Again, I feel the urge to thank Elayne, Roberto, Luca and our graphic designer Martino for the great professional approach to the Dunwich project.

I want to avail myself of this occasion to thank also all the guest musicians that accompanied us in this journey, and in particular I would like to thank Costantino d'Aniello, Alessandra Corso and David Giacomini for their support and affection.

Claudio Nigris

September 10th 2006

The album is almost complete, and soon the website will be updated with a new layout and new info regarding the forthcoming album.

July 30th 2006

Finished recording the new polifonic choir parts, as usual we're updating the gallery with the latest shots of the studio sessions.

Also added the photos from Roberto's bass guitar recording sessions.

July 28th 2006

Thanks to Manù we've completed the recording of the celtic and transverse flute parts.

June 26th 2006

Thanks to Pier Telesforo we have finished the recording of the percussions. Our thanks go also to Giuliana De Donno and her electro-acoustic harp.

In the meanwhile the recording sessiond for electric and acoustic guitars by Andrea Menarini have been completed, as well as Roberto Fasciani's bass guitar tracks. Soon we will be recording the solo violin and solo flute parts.

In september we'll start recording the vocals, so the album is due to be released at the end of the year.

May 22nd 2006

Thanks to Raffaello Simeoni's precious collaboration the two medieval instruments recording sessions have been completed. Soon Roberto Fasciani will be entering the studio to record the bass guitar parts for all the tracks.

In the gallery section you can find the shots from the latest recording session.

May 5th 2006

Luca Iovieno has finished the drums recording session, with bass and electric guitar coming along in a short while.

In the gallery section you can find the shots from the latest recording session.

April 13th 2006

The recording sessions of electric instrumets (electric & bass guitar, drums) will begin from the 24th of April.

In the meanwhile the gallery section has been updates with pictures from the choir recording session of the first of April.

March 30th 2006

On April 1st Dunwich will be in studio recording the polifonic choir parts for the tracks of the forthcoming abum.

Added some long due photos of the members of the band in the gallery section.
Also added some more pictures from the studio recording sessions.

March 5th 2006

Recording sessions for brass instruments (tuba, trombone, horn and trumpet) have been completed, and we're now preparing for the next step which will revolve around medieval instruments.

The gallery section has also been updated, with pictures from the recording session.

February 25th 2006

The recording sessions are proceeding smoothly: we've finished the recording of the strings and we're about to start recording the brass section of the orchestration. We're very satisfied with the results!

December 3rd 2005

After finishing the composition process of the songs, Dunwich prepares to enter the studio for the recording of the tracks which will form the forthcoming album.

Added the vinyl editions of the first two albums on the discography page, with information on printed copies and images.

September 18th 2005

English version of the site finally online.

We received a lot of e-mails about the unreliability of Vitaminic, so we're now hosting the excerpts from the 2005 demo in the media section...

September 2nd 2005

While work on the tracks for the forthcoming album continues, we'd like to mention Angela di Vincenzo's website. Her vocal talent has been very helpful in Dunwich's new course.

Here's the website of her band, Kylamoyl.

June 9th 2005

We decided to publish come excerpts from the new demo on Vitaminic as an introduction to the new band members. It's the first official release of the new line-up, recorded in Claudio Nigris' personal studio. They represent the first phase of work regarding the group's harmony.

Here are the direct links to the tracks:

Right now work on the composition of new songs continues, in a continuos quest to better represent the spirit of the Dunwich project.

May 23rd 2005

Dunwich in full activity in Claudio Nigris' personal studio, where the tracks for the new album are being prepared. The basic idea is to go back to the atmospheres of the second album, "Il chiarore sorge due volte", with the introduction of new orchestral elements.

We'll be releasing our fourth studio album with PowerZone Records, to which we're linked by a long friendship and in whose succes we all believe.

Dunwich's line-up:

  • Claudio Nigris - keyboards and composition
  • Francesca "Elayne" Naccarelli - vocals and lyrics
  • Roberto Fasciani - bass guitar
  • Luca Iovieno - drums (acoustic)

Additional members:

  • Alessandra Corso - soprano and orchestral director
  • Costantino d'Aniello - tenor and orchestral score
  • Martino Palladini - graphic project direction

April 6th 2005

We've received a very good proposal from people very interested in the continuation of the Dunwich project, although at the moment we cannot disclose the identity of the label involved.

Dunwich comes back after 5 years of silence, revolveing around the personalities of Claudio Nigris, Francesca "Elayne" Naccarelli, Roberto Fasciani and as always with the help of classical (choir, brass, strings...), medieval and celtic instruments, for the band's fourth release, which will revolve around pagan themes. The graphic project will be led by Martino Palladini.

Work in studio for the final recordings will start in November.

Thanks as always goes to all the people who have always supported us and that kept their faith in this project.

February 2005

After the conclusion of the trilogy, with the new demo, taking over our usual themes through folk, celtic and medieval sounds, Dunwich's journey begins again. Starting all over from the point where we left, exploring new pagan themes.

Right now we're looking for a label to produce our next record. Whoever interested in contacting us can e-mail us here in order to listen to our demo.

Big thanks to all the people that helped us in the creation of this demo, and special thanks go to Alessandra Corso and Costantino d'Aniello, for their most precious help and cooperation.

May 2004

The Dunwich project starts moving again, thanks to the encounter with Francesca "Elayne" Naccarelli (vocals) and Martino Palladini. Along with Roberto Fasciani (bass guitar) work begins on the Dunwich's new course.

The new line-up is :

  • Claudio Nigris - keyboards, composition
  • Francesca "Elayne" Naccarelli - vocals
  • Roberto Fasciani - bass guitar

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