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On our 30th anniversary, Dunwich embarked on a new journey: a new and fresh rock opera inspired by HP Lovecraft novella At the Mountains of Madness. 10 years later after the original story Danforth – now a full professor at Miskatonic University – travels back to antarctica to face his own nightmares…
This has been made possible by the hard work and talent of amazing artists like Francesco Marzi (Vocals – Danforth ) , Ida Elena De Razza ( Vocals – Janet ) Marco Palazzi ( Vocals – Howard ) , Alessandra Corso ( Choir Arranger and Conductor ) , Costantino D’Aniello, Antonino Zaffiro and Andrea Romeo ( Choir ) , Roberto Pirami ( Drums ) , Fabrizio Corso ( Bass ), Lorenzo Rundo ( Guitar ) .

A special thanks to Marco Mastrobuono, Matteo Gabbianelli ( mixing and recording ) and White Whale Production ( Videomaker). We’ll never be thankful enough for their passion and help in bringing Whispering Darkness to life.

So, without further ado, here’s the video – let us know what you think of it!
Claudio & Francesca


10411007_10152715418620964_6528402606184282494_nDunwich are hard at work on a new, ambitious project, that will lead you where dreams and reality know no boundaries – warped and twisted deep in the bowels of the earth, slumbering under a cold sheet of ice.

New details will be soon revealed!

An unusual, wonderful birthday gift, we are glad to share with you!

We have big plans, stay tuned for HUGE news!

leaves-cover-1400Our new song, “Leaves on the Altars of the Moon”, is finally available on iTunes and Spotify. The song, previously released on Heilagmanoth, has been completely rearranged in an acoustic/duet version, featuring the amazing Valentina Spreca ( Neverflowers ) , along with a lot of talented musicians: Vincenzo Trasca – Guitars; Massimo Carrano- Percussions ; Fabio Gabbianelli – Contrabass, Valeria Chiappetta – Viola; Gabriele Ceccarelli – Whistle. All mixed and recorded by Matteo Gabbianelli ( Kutso ) .
Close your eyes, relax and… enojy!

Celebrating Dunwich 29th birthday, we’re proud to share this song – one we believe is a powerful summary of our past, and a glimpse into the future.
A past full of achievements, and the occasional road bump; a future enriched by the presence of many new friends, thanks to whom new paths are opening for our project.
A special thanks goes to the beautiful Valentina Spreca ( Neverflowers), whose grace and talent revived the lights of the metaphorical city of artists we are proud to call Dunwich.