Dunwich are Claudio Nigris (keyboards ) and Francesca ‘Elayne’ Naccarelli (vocals)
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The full story – Bio

claudio04The Dunwich project was started in 1985 by Claudio Nigris, composer and keyboards player. Inspired by the tragic end of the town of Dunwich , the music tries to bring back those mystic and unique atmospheres through dark-metal sounds as well as classical instruments and on to ancient and uncommon ones.

From 1985 to 1992 the band creates five demo-tapes and two compilations: “The Dunwich Horror” (1987), “Horror at Red Hook” (1988), “Morbid dance tale of Yog-Sothoth” (1989), “On the way back” (1991), “Cleapsydhra” (1991), “Monitor collection”, the L.P. compilation “Keep running” (1989), “Arezzo wave ‘91″ and the C.D. compilation “Dream-Lifters” (1991).

Since the beginning the project took advantage of the friendly contributions of many talented musicians, and in this period of timeDunwich periodo on the way back 1991 Alessandro Vitanza (drums) has become a stable band element, until 1998. Also in this period took place many concerts and shows with a traditional/pagan theme and some clear references to the literary gothic of the 1900s. This has given the opportunity to be known through magazines, who took the time to review the demo-tapes and the concerts.

In 1991 Dunwich took part in the Arezzo Wave international festival, as a new promising band along with many other renowed artists, and gaining the opportunity for some television exposure through the Videomusic network.

The encounter with Katya Sanna in 1992 led to the formation of Dunwich as a trio of artists – Katya being part of the project until 1999. In a very short period of time three demo-tapes had been produced: “La tavola di smeraldo” (1992), “Sul monte é il tuono” (1993), “Al di sopra del lago é il vento” (1993). In these three works the idea of a historic research on fables and legends was born, a research that through refined musical threads led to recreate a medieval-gothic Dunwich periodo il chiarore sorge due volte 1995context enriched by fantasy and myth, a context that never existed yet so close to our minds.

This was the starting point from which the trilogy was conceived, a project that through many mediums – literature, painting, photography, sculpture slowly took form. The basic Dunwich trio, stable from 1992 to 1999, was supported by 40 other guest musicians who contributed through their art and knowledge of over 35 musical instruments, ancient and modern. Celtic atmospheres, symphonic orchestration, and epic-gothic memories taken from the darkest heavy-metal.

This represents the true discographic debut for Dunwich. Starting with the CD/LP “ Sul Monte é il tuono ” (Black Widow, 1994), through “ Il chiarore sorge due volte ” (Pick Up, 1995) and ending with “ L’eterna eclissi di ghiaccio ” (“Eternal eclipse of frost”, Rising Sun, 1999).

Claudio Periodo Eternal eclipse of frost After a short break, the encounter with Roberto Fasciani in 2002 led Claudio to revive the project. Then, with the involvement of Francesca Naccarelli – Elayne – in 2004, Dunwich finally reverts to the status of an active and lively project. The journey had started again, and self-production was the best choice to maintain artistic freedom. Again they invited 26 guest musicians to perform in the recording session, each representing a different musical genre. Heilagmanoth (Dunwich, 2008) follows the musical path explored by the previous recordings, 21544_269385110963_2288793_nwith an acoustic/medieval/folk setting striving towards a gothic and dark atmosphere.
Meanwhile Dunwich  also took part in the project “The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe – a syNphonic collection” by Finnish Colossus, with the track “The Oblong Box”, inspired by the tale of the great American writer. In 2010 they took part to the ” Heading To North” compilation with a song ispired by the Finnish Kalevala. In 2014 they released an acoustic version of the song ” Leaves On The Altars of the Moon”, featuring the singer Valentina Spreca ( Neverflowers ) .  Claudio Nigris and Francesca Naccarelli are now working on the next Dunwich studio album, whose recording sessions are scheduled at the beginning of 2016. As usual the new recordings will feature many special guests with varying musical backgrounds.