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What are Dunwich working at? Stay tuned and you’ll soon discover:)

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a07bb170c4a36161aa1f8f4859c19794_XLThe first pure symphonic band is “Dunwich” formed in 1985 from Italy. The last known line up for the band was Claudio Nigris, who was the composer and the keyboardist, and Francesca Naccarelli who was the vocalist. The last album they released was in 2008 and called “Heilagmanoth”. ”

You can read the full article on Rockermagazine. Thank you very much!

secondo-chiarore-2800Inspired by the solemn, icy atmospheres of finnish epic poem Kalevala, we are proud to announce our new single “Il secondo Chiarore”. It’s the first preview of the upcoming, yet-to-be-named studio album, and the result of a long and toughtful process that has seen more than 15 artists involved.The full track is available now on iTunes, cdBaby and other digital venues.

Dunwich are proud to announce that most of our album collection is (finally) available on spotify – including Heilagmanoth and The Oblong Box, from the new studio album slated for release in 2015. Enjoy, share and stay tuned for more news!spotify-logo-horizontal-black




Oct 20 2012

Dunwich Turns 27!

21544_269385110963_2288793_nToday we turn 27! It’s been a long time since we founded Dunwich, our virtual city, a project defined by it’s willingness to be unrestricted by the usual band format, and be all about the music – and nothing else.
Dunwich is great place, and our home, where we enjoyed the company of so many musicians and artists we are honoured to call friends to this day.
We’re deeply convinced music, and art in its entirety, is first and foremost an interior journey seeking enlightment, a path that can only be enriched by meeting other souls. We’ve always welcomed anyone who wanted to contribute and inspire our project; today we say a sincere thank you to all of them, all the the people who helped us build this city, brick by brick and step by step – we won’t make any name because you are many, so many!
And last but not least, a little news – in 2013 we’ll be back to work, recording our next studio album, a double electric/acoustic CD, with the help of a few amazing artists – and friends

Claudio Nigris And Francesca Elayne Naccarelli