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new pictures online from the recording sessions…. thanks to all the amazing musicians who joined us in the recording of the new song, you all did a GREAT work!
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A very special thank to Raffaello Simeoni, a real musical genius!

You’ll find more pictures in the gallery section :)





Claudio and Francesca want to thank Master Vincenzo Trasca for his help, a great present for our (and his too ) Dunwich





New interview on… thank you very much!





Oct 20 2010

Dunwich’s Birthday

Today, 20th october 2010 Dunwich turns 25 – thru music we
have told myths and tales lost in the sands of time, and we did it in
our very own way. We sang of lands long lost in the recess of our
memory, we walked in our dreams hoping to share with you echoes of a
past long gone, one that we believe in and that we wanted to present
Claudio thanks all the people who worked with Dunwich during these
years; we can’t mention all of them, but it is you who enriched our
music and art with energy and dedication, year after year, building a
project that started as a town and home for inspired artists.
A very special thanks to Francesca “Elayne” Naccarelli, the gifted singer
who enriches Dunwich (now in it’s third incarnation!) with graciousness
and charme, moving forward a dream that lasted 25 years…
After Heilagmanoth we didn’t stop: we will appear in the new Colossus
project album ” Tales of Edgar Allan Poe – a syNphonic collection” and in the ” Heading to north” project, with a song about Finnish epic poem ” Kalevala”
All these compilation will be out before Christmas, along with the
italian book “Horror Rock – La Musica delle Tenebre” by Eduardo Vitolo
and Alessio Lazzati, that has a special chapter on Dunwich.

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